Cover: Bodas de sangre. Original painting by Leandro Soto, Cuban artist now living in Phoenix, Arizona.

Muñoz, David Alberto. Ramifications of Christianity. First edition. January 2004. 119 pages. To Know More Series # 4. ISBN: 1-931139-17-2


In today’s world we find many books written about Christianity, not only for the beginner student but also for the specialist. Furthermore, there are hundreds of helpings tools for the student of the Bible; we have biographies, commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias just to mention a few.

Therefore, the reason for this book, it is written with the purpose of teaching the basic divisions within main stream Christianity. Christianity has been divided since its beginnings. And yet, at the beginning of the XXI century, many believers do not know what the official dogmas of their respective churches are. Many members claim to be Christians, and most of them, are ignorant of their own faith in relationship to the official discourses of their own denominations.

Ramifications of Christianity attempts to present in a very basic language the main differences between some of the main denominations of Christianity. It is not an exhaustive study, there are many denominations that are not included. Nevertheless, it attempts to cover over two thousand years of history with a comprehensive style that will help the student, whether serious or not, to comprehend in a coherent way, the sometimes complex discipline of the study of Christianity.

Written by David Alberto Muñoz, an ex-minister, who is professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Chandler-Gilbert Community College in the state of Arizona , and Associate professor of Religious Studies at Arizona State University , Ramifications of Christianity promises to be a helping tool to anyone who is interested in the study of Christianity. It encompasses the profundity of an ideology that has dominated the Western World with the simplicity of a speech that can be understood.

David Alberto Muñoz was born in Mexico City ; he came to the United States in the mid-seventies. He has a couple masters’ degrees in Theology and Hispanic Literature as well as a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion. He has written several books including fiction, chronicles, and a text book. He lives in the city of Glendale Arizona where he writes and teaches.


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