Saint Augustine.

Edited by David Alberto Muñoz.

Sinner and Saint.

Readings from Confessions of Saint Augustine.

118 pages. To Know More Series # 6. First edition 2004. ISBN: 1-931139-22-9.

In the Confessions, Saint Augustine presents eloquently the inner struggle of an individual with spiritual questions that have stirred in the minds and hearts of humans since time began. This is the history of a young men’s fierce struggle to overcome his dissolute ways and his addictions. What strikes the reader is not necessarily the sins committed by the author, rather, the honesty by which Augustine attempts to speak about what it means to be alive, in a constant struggle with one’s self.

This is a special edition of the most moving diary ever recorded of a soul’s journey to grace. It presents only the first seven books of the Sinner and Saint. It stops just before Augustine became a full time Christian. There are didactic reasons for this. On the one hand, its editor wanted to concentrate in approximately the first 32 years of the autobiography of a prodigal who became a saint. Second, after each book, the text has questions to help the student or the reader, go deeper into the material. Last but not least, the editor has placed endnotes to clarify certain aspects usually unknown by most beginner students. Also, the text has been simplified, in order to dilute the complex ideas and prayers into modern language.

The Confessions was written approximately in 397 C.E. Without any doubt, this is the most persuasive work of a sinner-turned-saint who was to exercise a great influence on Christian thought than any of the other Church fathers. Perhaps, what is astonishing is to realize that things have not changed that much since the time of Augustine. Many of us continue to struggle with the problem of evil, trying to find answers to questions that most likely will remain with human kind for a very long time.

About the Editor— David Alberto Muñoz, Ph.D. is a Residential Faculty Member at Chandler-Gilbert Community College as well as Faculty Associate at Arizona State University. He has written several books and many articles including fiction, chronicles and a couple of texts books. His areas of expertise are on philosophy of religion, history of Christianity and Hispanic literature. He’s been living in the Valley of the Sun since 1984.


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